As a modest x-trumpet player, I will let my customers toot my horn for me:

  • “Carol created a website to meet each of our needs and continues to provide service as needed. She has provided instruction on making website changes and updates so that I can take care of these myself at my convenience. Her input and suggestions and troubleshooting have been greatly appreciated.”   

Sasha Graver, Executive Director –
Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association

  • “I provide marketing services to Lisa Rojas, CEO of Dreadlocks for Dingoes (DfD). DfD has had a web site for years but now that we are expanding and building out a new concept dog grooming store in the lowertown area of Saint Paul, MN., we really needed a face lift. We reached out to Carol at Fine Line Web Design to help us. Lisa and the DfD team are very particular with specific ideas so we really needed someone who we could work with through various design and content iterations. Carol at Fine Line Web Design has brought us the expertise and her own creativity but more importantly the ability to listen to us and work with our ideas. She has become a valued team member working with us to give the new DfD web site the look and functionality that we want and need.”   

                Stephen Jones – Dreadlocks for Dingoes, Marketing Manager


  • “Carol was a real gem in working with me to design and implement the website for my small business. I’m sure there were many times that I tried her patience with my own ideas about design and aesthetics and she did a great job of listening and incorporating my own thoughts. Carol was, and still is, a real partner in helping to make my website look professional and engaging and serve the purpose for which it was created. Her final design and the overall look and feel of my website has garnered many compliments from my professional colleagues and clients. Thanks for the terrific work Carol!”        

               Paul Cimmerer, Cimmerer Consulting LLC


  • “Carol Johnson combines the eye of an artist with the logic of a programmer to design and develop unique websites. In my case she hit the nail on the head out of the gate using graphics consistent with the mission of my business and a layout using a design tool that allows me to perform many refinements myself. I highly recommend Fine Line Web Design to any business or person that wants a website that stands out from the crowd at a reasonable cost of ownership for development and maintenance.”

Robert Ahlstrom, Owner, Ahlstrom Associate, LLC

  • ” We had a great experience working with Carol. She was very professional and helpful creating the logo we had wanted. Going into this I had thought that it would be a week or so before we would have a finished design – she was so quick and on top of her work! Thank you Carol!”

    Zach Ericson, Owner, Egress by Ericson, LLC

  • “You are doing a great job!  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE IT!!”

Lutunji Abram, Anointed Entertainment

  • “I really do appreciate the immediate attention that you give us …
    You’ve always been there to do good work for us!!”

Steve Vacha, Lifetime Transition, Inc.

  • “OH MAN! Look at that! It turned out even better than I expected.
    You are a wizard of the web!”

Christopher Harmon, Producer, Legacy Pictures, Inc.

  • “Carol has been a great help in rebuilding our website. She assisted us in making the web page dynamic and user friendly. Now I can change and add to my web page anytime I have the need to do it. She is amazing with her attention to details. I will not hesitate using Carol in the future.”

Saed Wadi, Owner, Saffron Restaurant

  • I highly recommend the professional services of Fine Line Design, LLC. Their attention to specific details are great and their final products are superb.I consider Fine Line Design, LLC to be an industry leader.Try their various products and services, I’m sure you will agree.”

Oliver A. Branch, Music Producer, Owner, EPP E’lan Publishing & Productions 

  • “Fine Line Web Design is amazing! Carol, who created the website for my business, is extremely attentive to detail and very creative. I highly recommend Fine Line Web Design for those who want to work with a company that will go above and beyond the rest. I will definitely be consulting with Fine Line Web Design for all of my future business ventures.”

Tom Yang, Tom Yang Realtor

  • “Carol combined an artistic eye with solid knowledge of user-friendly design to create a website that provided the right tone and message for our organization. By skillful communication, she helped us to sharpen our ideas and preferences, and then converted them into attractive images and text. Her flexibility and patience with the process were outstanding. Thank you, Carol, for all you did for us!”

Jane Yank, The Companions of the Holy Mothers of the Church